Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When was the Christmas Party again? What gifts have are bought so far? Who is left on my list? Where is that recipe for Auntie Joan's Christmas Cookies?

Question after question the closer you get to Christmas. Well, here is a great way to have all the answers (or at least most of them)! They can also become a Christmas gift as well. What a great idea for a Secret Santa present.

You can make many different types of organizers. Large, small, complicated or very simple – Just keep in mind the person for whom you are making it. You can check out craft magazines, libraries, local craft shops, friends or do a trusty internet search.

Here are two examples of organizers to help you get ready for Christmas. The first is a simple and very convenient pad for your shopping lists, paired with a matching pen and homemade ornament to make a great gift set. These were made by Karen Gladney and giving to her daughter's teachers (and some lucky friends) last year. The planner is made from cardstock, decorative paper, and stamps. When you open it there is a pad of lined paper for your Christmas planning. The matching pen is made by stamping your design on your paper and rolling it up to fit into the barrel of your pen. You can add extra sparkle with micro beads or glitter. The ornament, which makes a beautiful gift all on it's own, is made clear acetate or transparency which is cut to fit inside the clear blub. It is stamped with Stazon Ink which is a great ink for glossy surfaces and fabric. The stamp is coloured in with Sharpies, also great for glossy surfaces. The work of art is then rolled up, put into the bulb and voila! A beautiful gift!

The second organizer is designed for the person who needs everything written down to keep track of it. There are a lot of us out there! It is made with 8 pieces of cardstock for the pages, diagonally cut size 10 envelopes for the lists. Each envelope is measured 3.5 inches in from either end and then cut on the diagonal. Just remember to do three envelopes opposite from each other so you end up with right and left sides. The front and each page was then finished off with stamps and embossing. There are three envelopes in the back for receipts. The pages are all bound together with a Bind-it-all which is a small home binding machine but you can use O-rings or ribbon as well.

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