Monday, May 31, 2010

I Have to Bragg!!!

I Finally Have Some Copic Markers!!!

Ok, I have wanted these ever since they first appeared on cards at SplitCoast Stampers!

I always had problems budgeting such an indulgance in our household budget. So last year when I started writing for Current Magazine I had the thought of my Copics in the back of my mind. The payments I make with Current goes to me. . . and I must admit...mostly to stamping supplies with the occasional dinner out thrown in for good measure.

Yesterday I finally did it! I went and got my Copic Sketch Markers. I am so happy that The Paperie is carrying them now!

The funny thing is, I figured that I would come right home and start coloring! But I am hesitant...I think I wanted them for so long that now I am half afraid that I won't be able to do them justice! Silly hay?!?

Most of last night was spent on You Tube watching every Copic tutorial I could find! So now I will give it a go! Hopefully you will see my first Copic Marker creation here tomorrow!

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